What Is The Meaning of HVAC?

Ever wonder what HVAC means? It is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It also the most used term when it comes to keeping homes at a comfortable temperature.In Austin, Texas, most HVAC systems are forced-air heating and cooling systems. This kind of system includes a heat pump, air conditioner, and […]

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AC Tune-Up VS AC Inspection

There is a big difference between getting an AC tune-up and AC inspection. What is an AC tune-up? Tuning up your AC is just like tuning up a car. A design for your AC to keep it running at peak efficiency.A technician examines the unit from top to bottom and does several things such as: […]

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Is your Heater Ready for the Holidays?

This holiday season, a properly functioning heater is essential for a warm household. Peak functionality also keeps your heating bills down, an important consideration when other costs climb around the holidays.   Check the items on this checklist before the holidays to ensure you and your visitors feel comfortable and cozy while the wind blows outside. […]

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Badly damaged central AC unit

Can I Recycle My Old AC Unit?

Like all things in life, air conditioning units eventually reach their peak and stop working.  Broken AC? A professional HVAC technician can remove the materials safely and according to specific regulations. What happens to the refrigerant in my old AC system? Any leftover refrigerant such as freon or any of the newer types of refrigerant […]

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