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Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC Terms and Conditions for Home Warranty Services

1. Excluded Services: This contract excludes any service or replacement performed by another company on a covered product without written authorization by Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC. We do not provide service for the following: (a) Ductwork, (b) Communication systems, (c) Zone board systems, (d) Mini-split systems
2. Maintenance and Cleaning Responsibility: The homeowner is responsible for providing maintenance and cleaning on covered items as specified by the manufacturer to ensure continued coverage of such items. For example, heating and air conditioning systems require periodic cleaning and/or replacement of filters and cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils. If a product is not maintained, it will be considered unrelated to HVAC mechanical failure, and there may be a charge for repair.
3. Service Call Costs: Each service call will depend on the home warranty you use, as per the contract policy selected, per claim, per product, or actual cost.
4. Part and Equipment Delays: Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC is not responsible for parts and equipment delays.
5. Replacement Upgrades: Replacement upgrades are available at the homeowner's expense.
6. Warranty Period: Parts and labor are guaranteed for 30 days.
7. Repair Timelines: (a) Minor repairs: These can typically be addressed and fixed immediately, subject to the availability of parts and resources.(b) Major repairs: Significant repairs may require weeks or even months to complete, depending on the complexity of the issue and the availability of necessary components.
8. Emergencies and Urgent Situations: We advise against utilizing a home warranty for emergencies or situations requiring immediate attention, such as medical conditions or issues demanding urgent assistance. Home warranties often have specific waiting periods, approval processes, and procedures that may not align with the urgency of certain situations.
9. Release of Damages and Liabilities. By working with us through your home warranty, the customer agrees to release Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC of all damages/liabilities caused directly or indirectly by the HVAC repair or replacement. The customer agrees to pay all expenses, such as water damage, mold remedy, drywall, painting, or any other costs caused by the HVAC repair or replacement.
10. The homeowner agrees not to write negative reviews on social platforms as part of this contract. Doing so is a breach of contract.
11. Payment Responsibility: Out-of-pocket costs incurred by the homeowner in conjunction with our services will be paid directly to us as the HVAC contractor.