HVAC Energy Saving Tips 2021

While March serves up pleasingly warm weather at Austin, Texas, spring also brings some breezy days.

An HVAC system is vital to keeping your home cool in hot summer and warm during a frigid winter—it’s also one of the most costly items on your energy bill. While replacing your HVAC unit with an updated, more energy-efficient model can certainly help reduce your energy consumption. There are some simple, cost-effective enhancements that you, as a homeowner, can make for a more energy-efficient HVAC unit.

Replace your furnace filter monthly or as advised by the manufacturer

Regularly changing the air filter in your furnace will avert dust, dirt, mold spores, soot, bacteria, and allergens. This practice a simple yet effective way to keep your indoor air clean and avoid costly repairs to your heating system.

Program your thermostat to the basest comfortable level, more so when you’re away from home or sleeping

Controlling the thermostat is one of the most comfortable and economical ways to control your energy expenditure. The lower the temperature you input for heating, the more funds you will save.

Maintain your air ducts clean and free from obstructions

Any major blockage in your air ducts will hamper adequate airflow and will most likely mean higher energy costs over time. Large blocks are obvious concerns, but even significant amounts of dust can prove a concern for considering this service. Remember, it is easier for the system to deliver air to your spaces when blockages do not restrict the ducts’ air.

Seal holes and gaps in air vents

Stay ahead of the curve on duct maintenance, keep your energy costs low, and your indoor air quality high. The longer you put off the sealing and cleaning of your air vents, the worse your air quality is.

Keep shades open on your south-facing windows during the daylight winter and closed at night

South-facing windows can be with overhangs that will block the high summer sun and allow the low winter sun to shine in provide passive solar heating when it’s wanted. Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun’s energy for heating and cooling. With proper choices and placements, heating and cooling effects in a home reduce energy consumption.

Use ceiling fans to help the circulation of warm air in your living space

Running the ceiling fan in a slow, clockwise direction can produce the opposite effect in the wintertime by gently circulating warm air trapped near the ceiling. Because heat rises, the temperature near the top is more significant than at the floor level. Ceiling fans are fitting for homes since they help distribute and circulate the air in the room evenly.

Replace worn-out weather sealing around windows and doors

Weather sealing declines due to age, friction, and exposure to certain elements. It also can be destroyed by people, pets, and pests. Each year, inspect your windows and doors for air leaks to prevent your HVAC system from overworking, thus saving you your finances.

Ensure your attic has sufficient insulation

Enhancing your home’s attic insulation is one of the best approaches to increase overall efficiency. As much as eighty-five percent of the heat lost in a house passes through the attic. Weatherstripping, before-mentioned as the material used around doors, can help manage leakage. Also, a batt of insulation or a specialized attic door cover can provide the required level of insulation.

Proper maintenance is imperative to keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently for a long time. Hire our qualified technician to do an HVAC inspection at least twice a year to tighten up electrical connections, check the system controls, lubricate any moving parts, the list goes on.

Austin’s Energy-Efficient HVAC Service Provider

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