What are HVAC Condenser Pads?

There are components typically beneficial to install and operate an exterior air conditioning unit. One of these essential pieces is the AC condenser pad. 

If you have an air conditioner, an air conditioner condenser pad must be on your purchase list. An air conditioner condenser pad is thick and purposely designed to provide a flat, stable surface for the unit. Condenser pads can be of concrete or composite material – both have pros and cons. The AC condenser pad will lift an air conditioner off the ground, protecting it from the yard’s moisture and any pests or insects.

A peaceful backyard on a warm, summery day can be interfered with by a loud outside air conditioner. The outdoor condenser unit commonly has an extensive fan system that must run continually to cool the home’s interior. Vibrations from the fan and condenser emanate throughout the around area and make the backyard less appealing for relaxing midday. However, you can depress these sounds by installing AC condenser pads under the air conditioner. These sturdy pads fit directly under each of the four air conditioner feet for a quieter backyard.


There are different air conditioner pads available in the market for homeowners to choose from. The air conditioner model, size, and location all factor into the AC pad type you need for your unit. The wrong type of pad can traverse to unwanted repairs or even a unit replacement, so be sure to consult with professionals before purchasing an AC condenser pad. Let’s pay attention to the most basic kinds of AC condenser pads material-wise.

  • Concrete: A concrete pad is fitting for larger air conditioners. As you can picture, the material is more than capable of supporting an oversized air conditioner’s weight. Although, the particular downside is that it may not be necessary if your air conditioner’s capacity is merely enough to keep a medium or small-sized home.
  • Composite: Composite pads typically use reclaimed plastic or rubber and are well-suited towards smaller, lighter air conditioners. While it has a softer nature, recycled AC pads can last just as long as their concrete counterparts. For this to work out, you should have them installed correctly.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof: For an air conditioner condenser pad to function efficiently, it needs to be impervious to protect against moisture like rain and snow and UV-resistant to avert damage from the sun. A versatile material capable of doing both of these things is essential.


Having an AC condenser pad is mainly for the stability and protection of your unit. For one, it shields your air conditioner from pests. Backyards, where most exterior parts of AC units are, are notoriously filled with all kinds of insects and critters that can get to the inside of your air conditioner and wreak damage. The installation of an air conditioner pad reduces the likelihood of that.

Also, air conditioner pads lessen the AC’s vibration against the ground it rests. If the air conditioner makes direct contact with the ground, you’d likely find that it produces weird buzzing noises and, more importantly, yields damage. Thus, what makes an air conditioner pad so important is that it protects against damage that could drastically shorten the unit’s lifespan.

Lift Your Air Conditioner Off the Ground with Help From Blue Sky

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